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7 Excellent Interpersonal Skills Here For Authentic Entrepreneurs

In my last post, I began a series of four posts reflecting on the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. In this second post, I focus on the seven core interpersonal skills and abilities that all successful entrepreneurs need … Continue reading

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7 Steps To Develop Effective Leadership Skills

In my leadership development work and teaching across the past thirteen years, I have been asked many times for some simple ideas for becoming a more effective leader. I had another such request yesterday.  As I was thinking about the … Continue reading

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Six Skills Needed to Work in Complex Organisations

We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. The response from many businesses, public, private or non-profit, often mirrors this. Contemporary organisational designs are complex by nature.  They are often multi-layered, and people work on those layers on … Continue reading

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