Culture! A buzzword many use but few truly understand

If you are part of a dysfunctional organisation, where respect for you and your contribution is in short supply or absent, and values are espoused but not enacted, then fear not! Salvation is now at hand.

In a practical, step-by-step guide to creating a purposeful, positive, and productive work culture, this new book by S Chris Edmonds and Mark S Babbit – Good Comes First – seriously hits the spot!

The co-authors talk the reader through three sections – first – the why – with examples. Second, they offer tools on how to create a culture that doesn’t suck. Third, they explore how to overcome the likely roadblocks along your journey.

The book is no overnight wonder, miracle cure, but a steadfast process that takes you and your organisation on a journey to create a body that values respect for the individual as much as the results they produce. It will also help you seriously address what they term Boomer Male Syndrome, which seriously handicaps too many organisations in reaching that balance between caring and respecting your team and achieving the results your customers desire.

I do not doubt that good comes first, and I highly recommend this book. However, maybe one of the first questions for you along the way is how you would define good in your business?

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