Wear Consulting Limited provides the following range of consultancy services:

Strategic focus and direction

We enable organisations to refocus on and refresh purpose, vision and mission through years of successful experience in ‘turnaround’ situations and in-depth knowledge and practice of co-creating and designing strategic, tactical and operational business plans and ‘visioning’ workshops and away days.

Organisational Development

We are able to draw on robust organisational development capacity and expertise, involving all stages of review, design, implementation and evaluation. We have undertaken extensive to small scale service reviews, health checks and pre-inspection audits. We have also designed, co-created and implemented extensive cultural change programmes, facilitating organisational re-design and new ways of working.

We have solid expertise in the creation, planning and implementation of mutuals – both young people and employee led. We also have experience of highly successful interim management assignments.

Collaborative delivery solutions

We have extensive successful experience of developing partnerships and enabling and enhancing collaborative practice that leads to improved organisational performance and outcomes. In addition, we have developed this approach within an integrated framework.

Performance review & improvement

We are able to assess and improve your continuous improvement approach and ensure that it captures the whole performance cycle from induction to appraisal. We have particular strength and depth of expertise in supervision, appraisal and performance clinics, as key tools in determining high quality staff performance.

Bespoke workforce development

We have a strong background in high quality, large scale leadership development programmes; design and delivery expertise, and a bank of proven experts and practitioners from which to draw. If you want a really effective response from small scale to large, local to national, we can design, deliver and facilitate programmes to meet your needs, especially those focused on building resilience, agility and employee engagement. We are very skilled and experienced in developing senior, high potential or emerging leaders. We also have extensive experience of developing teams, in particular around building their creativity and problem-solving approaches.

Keynote Speaking

Drawing on our wide ranging experience, knowledge and ideas about modern leadership, we can provide vibrant, motivational and challenging input for audiences of all sizes.


Drawing on and applying creative and engaging methods, such as World Café and Open Space Technology, we deliver skilled facilitation for small groups to focused events for larger parties. We bring energy, enthusiasm and expertise in a passionate way to whatever event your needs meet – visioning, strategic thinking, large scale change planning, conferences, away days or smaller, more intimate creative sessions.

Executive Coaching

We provide transformational coaching for leaders and managers facing difficult challenges , dealing with transitional issues, leading change and encountering resistance, or simply needing to recharge and refresh their personal resilience.


In addition, our Managing Director, John Thurlbeck, is one of the few nationally accredited practitioners in ELLI [the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory]. A key objective of all leaders and managers is to develop sustainable performance. Developing your own individual ‘Learning Power’ will enable this by helping you:

  • Learn well and adapt to change more quickly;
  • Acquire and use knowledge and skills more effectively;
  • Anticipate and resolve real work challenges successfully;
  • Enable engagement, improve productivity and performance; and,
  • Fulfil potential and realise corporate vision and values.

John has applied this model within individual and team settings. To enable this growth of Learning Power, individuals need to undertake the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory, otherwise known as ELLI, and be coached in interpreting their learning profile and identifying ways in which it may be improved.