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I’m posting late tonight after a very strenuous day interviewing clients in a change process, so this one is short and sweet!

Here’s a simple formula for helping you to reflect on and prepare for change!

D + G + FS > I

It stands for Dissatisfaction with the status quo; Clear goals for the future; and, known First Steps will be greater than or will overcome Inertia in your organisation.


It is simple. If people are not dissatisfied with the status quo, they will not be energised to take the action that is needed to initiate change. So, take heed; work with your dissatisfied crew and build a critical mass for change.


Don’t set out on the journey though until you have clear goals for the future. Those, in other words, your compelling vision for what the future holds, are what will take your dissatisfied and turn them into energised and excited change champions.

First Steps

To reach your goals you need actions. So, a short set of first steps will swing momentum in your favour. Being able to articulate how you will begin to move forward is a must, especially for those placing their trust in you! So, have a plan, and implement it. Better still, check it out with your dissatisfied and co-create forward steps. That will engender greater buy-in and ownership, and, ultimately, better delivery of what you intend!


All organisations suffer from inertia; just many don’t recognise it! The inertia may come poor leadership, over-targeted activity, or from simply the loss, individually or collectively, people or a team or organisation feel when a change occurs or looks likely. Having worked with young people for decades, I find adults particularly prone to this reaction.

Also, dissatisfaction with the status quo has often been a warning sign to me that inertia has set in!

However, remember, you need to engage all three stages to begin to battle inertia, whatever its source. Miss a step and you will find your ‘troops’ have deserted in mid-flow! Believe me; I know from hard-earned experience.

Take all three steps, and you will be amazed at how quickly things will pick up. Picking up momentum will enable you and the team to eventually overcome that inertia and move on to bigger and better things.

Where did I get this formula?

If you are interested in learning more about this change model and where it came from, I’d like to direct you to one of my favourite change commentators, Michael Fullan. His book, Leading in a Culture of Change, is one of my personal favourites. I like the denouement of his model – more good things will happen, less bad things will happen. Fullan’s model is not a change process that offers perfect solutions, but pragmatic, practical suggestions for taking a complicated process – change – and making it work. I recommend you read it, and maybe practice, as I do, what he teaches.

[Tweet “The reason men oppose progress is not that they hate progress, but that they love inertia. – Elbert Hubbard”]

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