How to spread joy and goodwill for an amazing 2017?

As we move towards the end of the year, people are typically reflecting on the year past and thinking through their plans for the new year. Often the outcomes can be mixed, so I wondered how I might help you and your team plan for a fantastic year in 2017.

In this post, I set out three simple questions you can share with your staff that will keep you and them focused throughout the year! I hope they help!

What are you doing to make people feel like they belong?

If you set out with a compelling vision and clear values about how you intend to deliver that vision, you will gradually build significant critical mass in your team.

Better still, you will bond your staff that much more efficiently if they share with you in the process of co-creating that vision. People like to feel they belong, that they share a common identity, and that their opinions and views matter.

So, make a goal in 2017 to ensure that this practice – checking out your vision and values – in 2017 is regularly reviewed and refreshed. You will be astonished just how much of a difference it will make to those around you who matter!

What are you doing to help people realise they matter?

In my experience of working in many teams over a long time, I noticed that the biggest drain on an organisation’s vitality, focus and direction are assumptions. Assumptions that they will always be there! Assumptions that they will always come through when needed! Assumptions that they will plough on regardless! And so the list goes on.

Strangely, though it may seem, your staff will want to know that you care.  Your employees want to know that you have some concern for their well-being. That you are interested in what they do and what they say. Your people will want to know that you understand them and want to understand them better. That you show them they matter in the overall scheme of things, even as a small, but vital cog in a large, complex mechanism.

So, make another goal for 2017 to show you care, however, you choose to do that! I bought flowers, cakes and random gifts over many years of leading teams. Even small handwritten notelets on a job well done. Sending a short but sincere Thank You email now and then will make a huge difference. Do this now, and throughout the year, else people will feel largely forgotten, and their trust in you will inevitably bleed away.

How are you helping people work together?

Finally, what is it you do to help your people work together? Both within the team and, internally and externally, across the organisation and its partners. In such collaboration lies the wellspring of creativity, ideas and motivation.

Creative collaboration is not only an excellent way to drive your agenda, but also an excellent way to move individuals into new learning pathways, explore fresh ideas and gain new momentum.

It will also help them to understand better what makes them, their team and their organisation tick! Those relationships and communications may not always be easy or straightforward, but a little healthy conflict or debate is good for the soul, so expose your staff to it, in my view.

Handling conflict appropriately, your team will learn that awkward conversations are possible and often fruitful. They can explore those opportunities and define for themselves new ways to handle situations they may well encounter another time.

It may also help them to say NO graciously, using one or more of the methods I detailed in my post

What now?

Try out these three simple actions, consistently and regularly throughout 2017, and I am sure you will see a massive difference in the happiness and productivity of your team.

Better still, contact me to help you keep that laser focus by regular six or eight weekly coaching/mentoring calls. I charge £50 per hour and can meet up with you ‘live’ via an agreed appointment time and social media method. I will also enable you to record our calls for further reflection and review post session.

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I welcome your comments and enjoy engaging in further dialogue. If I can be of any assistance in coaching your leadership practice, building your happiness or developing greater personal resilience, please just ask.

Contact me on or by calling +447958765972.

I am always happy to listen and ready to help.

Thank you for reading and every best wish for 2017!

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