Three key leadership qualities you need to develop!

Some might say people are born leaders. Most realise, however, that leadership is a learned set of attributes that take practice and effort.

People jumping for joySo, in becoming a transformational leader, where should you start? In this post, I outline why I have chosen my top three characteristics, and explain each of those choices in a little more detail.

I believe the top three leadership characteristics you should develop are vision, integrity and compassion. My reason for these decisions is straightforward.

It is self-evident that leaders cannot be successful alone. They need the support and trust of their team members. They gain that confidence through displaying integrity and compassion. Once achieved, they then share their vision and encourage others to help them make it a reality.


Effective leaders have a clear vision of their objectives and an initial plan for how to get there. Leaders tend towards ‘big picture thinking’, rather than intricately detailed planning. They are dreamers but have the ability to get others to buy into their thinking and participate. Interestingly, the dreams are grounded in reality, with core objectives and deadlines envisioned from the outset.


Integrity involves sticking to the “unvarnished truth” regardless of the consequences. It means making restitution for wrongs even though no-one seeks any form of compensation. Integrity requires your honesty and fair play in all your business dealings.


A compassionate leader is by necessity an introspective one. Compassionate leadership demands first looking into yourself and your style or contribution when things go amiss. The compassionate leader exercises all options before issuing reprimands or blaming others, and even then will be constructive in their approach to doing so. He or she will recognise that creating fear in their team members creates stress and reduces productivity immeasurably over a long time.

[Tweet “A leader takes people where they want to be. A great leader takes people where they don’t want to go but ought to be. – Rosalyn Carter”]

In my direct experience, followers or team members who see you lack vision, operate with little integrity and are afraid of you will be concentrating on finding an escape route, not on the job in hand.

I am always happy to listen and ready to help. Please reach out to me if I can be of any assistance. Thank you for reading my post.

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