Ten ways to crush creativity!

One of the key leadership traits is the ability to unleash creativity – in yourself and your team. However, many leaders stifle and suppress creativity, the very thing they would most appreciate.

Exploding fireworkIn this post, I set out ten typical ways that leaders crush creativity. Contrast them with your style and approach and see if you can improve your creativity capacity.

These are the most typical ways I’ve encountered of leaders suppressing creativity, or of not creating an environment where creativity can thrive:

  1. Encourage people to take risks, then blame them if things go wrong.
  2. Reward people only if they do things by the book.
  3. Use a red pen to correct the grammar and punctuation in a proposal full of new ideas.
  4. Say, “We’ve tried that already, and it didn’t work.” or “That’s interesting …but”.
  5. Suppress all humour. It’s subversive!
  6. Make people work so hard; they are too tired to play.
  7. Avoid conflict at all costs.
  8. Build a strict and tall hierarchy.
  9. Expect things to stay the same, resist change.
  10. Build as much order and rigid routine as possible.

How many resonate with you? With your team? With your organisation? If you are practising any of these, you are likely to be suppressing or blocking creativity.

[Tweet “Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected. – William Plomer”]

Set about reversing your practices – now! You will be surprised just how soon creativity will flow again!

I am always happy to listen and ready to help. Please reach out to me if you feel I may be of help.


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