Curious about managing change better?

With apologies for this delayed post, the last in a series of posts about becoming a better leader using your curiosity.

Sunset on sea shoreCuriosity as a leader helps you to integrate change faster and more successfully. You, your team, your organisation, and your external environment are always evolving. Learning to act from what’s happening now, rather from old assumptions helps this process. It also enables better decision-making. In short, curiosity is fundamental to becoming a transformational leader.

In this post, I highlight the power that curiosity gives you as a leader managing change, and I outline key questions to focus upon on your change journey.

Unleashing your inner power

The genuinely inquisitive manager will manage change more effectively by unleashing her or his ability to:

  • Gather masses of information, discern reality and thus make better decisions;
  • See the bigger picture;
  • Become more fully engaged;
  • Let people know they are leading with care and want to know what they think, as well as who they are, especially when combined with leading with empathy;
  • Face difficulties that you might otherwise avoid; and,
  • Return again and again to things for deeper insight, which, ultimately, leads to better understanding and action.

Unleashing your ability to take these actions, also enables you to be a more reflective, perceptive leader, receptive to new ideas and open to other thinking. As a result, other leadership competencies valuable to managing change efficiently are complemented. These include problem-solving, listening actively, collaborating, negotiating, and coaching.

In my direct experience of leading various forms of change over many years, employing your curiosity and unleashing your inner self, has a profound effect on your impact and success.

Key questions underpinning your change journey

Once you have harnessed the inner self, several key questions will help you to remain focused in your change process. My main recommendations for powerful questions for elevating your leadership of change processes are these:

  • Vision – “Where are we headed?”
  • Purpose – “Why are we going there?”
  • Strategy – “How are we going to get there?”
  • Resources – “Who will come with us?”
  • Growth – “How will we develop along the way?”
  • Sustainability – “How will we keep going?”

Retaining a focus on these core questions will help you make sure your direction of travel and effort are fully aligned. Failure to do this will likely mean a lot of expended effort for not much progress and change is often painful enough without this added disadvantage.

Over the past five posts, I have looked at how curiosity makes a significant impact on your leadership.  Building your authenticity, greater openness to learning, more efficiently leading your team, engaging with your organisation and managing change better are all significant benefits. I hope my posts help in your understanding of the often hidden value of curiosity and provide tools and tips for improving this aspect of your leadership.

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I wish you well in your learning and your change journey. I am always ready to listen and always happy to help. Please reach out to me if I can be of any further assistance.

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