Are you ready to step up to the challenge?

The recent decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union has sent shock waves reverberating around our society. In my opinion, people voiced their growing sense of distrust of politicians, their angst about too much focus on the needs of ‘big business’, and pain over the years of austerity that the UK has endured since 2010.

Person on a railway trackThe decision has unleashed a massive level of uncertainty for our nation and, I believe, we will no doubt experience a prolonged period of turbulence in our personal and working lives.

Political uncertainty dominates the media headlines, fuelled by a strong call from the EU to leave quickly, the potential of two party leadership elections, and, possibly, an early General Election. All this and the day job still to do!

In the face of such complexity, are you ready to step up to the challenge?

Over the coming weeks, months, and years, what will be required is more strong and agile leadership. At its heart, this will be founded on an agreed purpose, clear values and principles, and leadership and management behaviours that demonstrate, authentically, those things.

What we need, now more than ever, is strong transformational leadership.

As a transformational leader, you will have a clear picture of the purpose and values of the organisation and will espouse and live those values. You will be able to play an enormous range of roles and fulfil large numbers of tasks. You will be skilful in reading and analysing situations so as to play the most effective role at that time.

You will be a strategic thinker, have a clear direction and be able to create clarity from complexity. You will constantly scan external and internal environments, looking for trends and patterns requiring effective responses. You will be flexible in your responses and link theory to practice. Most of all, you will know what is possible by learning from others; and, most importantly, you will listen to people’s concerns and take action on what you hear.

You will communicate regularly and consistently, engaging your team, your stakeholders, and your customers at every stage. You will draw on the digital landscape and its technology to assist you in this journey.

It is a learning journey, which will unfold as you move through it. The level of uncertainty before you has increased immeasurably and for this, you need one final ingredient – resilient self-belief.

In your journey ahead, take heart, stay focused on purpose, listen hard and act decisively.

[Tweet “Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty. – Brian Greene”]

If you need help along the way, engage a good coach! I’m always happy to listen and always ready to help.

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