How trustworthy a leader are you?

As a leader, effectively understanding and managing relationships is critical to building trust. So, think seriously about this. When in a work context, do you take the time to understand and manage your relationships well?

XDRW3QDNN7If you don’t, you need to take time out and think again.

How might you do this? I’d recommend considering these questions and reflecting on your answers. Taking the time to reflect on your answers and, better still, discussing them with a trusted friend or advisor will be important.

How visible are you as a leader? Do you ‘talk the talk’ and ‘walk the walk’? Are you ‘available’ to your people? Do you share your time and demonstrate care for your team?

How accountable are you?  To whom are you accountable? Is your concern for short-term results or longer-term impact? Do you ask for ‘live’ feedback? What do you do with the feedback you receive?

Do you nurture your self-awareness? What was the last investment you made in your own development? How well did that work and what’s next on your horizon?

How consistent are you in your relationships? Are you predictable or volatile? Do you demonstrate integrity? Are you authentic?

What is your track record in your business? Can you relate to staff experience at any level? How can you gain this, if not?

I believe that reflecting on your responses to these questions will provide the basis for your future growth and development. Discussing your answers with a trusted friend or advisor will aid you in planning a way forward. If many of your answers are negative, I’d highly recommend hiring a coach.

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Remember, trust is pivotal to organisations and organisational change. It is the wellspring of engagement, performance, and productivity. It also needs to be nurtured, on a daily basis.

How trustworthy a leader are you? What are you doing to build and sustain trust? What challenges do you still need to overcome?

I wish you well on your journey and would welcome your thoughts on this subject.

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