Are you embracing the Social Age?

The inaugural #SocialMediaSummitIRL in Dublin in March 2016 was a huge success. Speakers, workshop presenters and participants from around the world poured their minds and hearts into examining the ‘here and now’ and the future of the digital age.

P1330373I had the privilege of glimpsing a part of this remarkable event when I visited the second day to meet up with my friend, D Scott Smith. I saw a few of the excellent speakers they had enlisted, including an extraordinary speech by change evangelist, Brian Fanzo. I also talked with many different people from many diverse backgrounds in the few short hours I was in Dublin.

While it was a huge pleasure to meet up face-to-face with Scott once again after almost two and a half years, I was also able to take away some strong learning from my interactions on the day. It seems to me that you are seriously embracing the digital age if you:

  • Recognise that it is about people and their experiences;
  • Understand that it is about being heard;
  • Know it’s about instant accessibility which, according to Brian Fanxo, is the gane changer; and,
  • Adopt a mobile mindset, ‘get’ personalisation and understand the power of micro-influence.

What’s more it has become more about:

  • Standing up and taking responsibility;
  • Standing out and being heard above the noise;
  • Being memorable and showing the ‘true’ you; and,
  • Being yourself and showing the world you care.

[Tweet “Twitter is a global unfiltered fire-hose of communication. – Brian Fanzo”]

Embracing the Social Age, is about cultural change, it is about changing people for the better. This change focuses on how we relate, how we maintain our attention, how we tsay authentic and how we engage with those around us and within our wider communities.

Like Mother Theresa’s view of a pebble thrown into a pond creating ripples, the Social Age is more akin to a very large boulder and its impact in that same pond. The ripples might well assume tidal wave proportions and swamp the unprepared.

[Tweet “Those not learning will be well-qualified for a world that no longer exists. – Eric Hoffer”]

The Social Age is about change at lightning speed on a global basis. In that environment, my final thought echoes another view from Brian Fanzo. The pursuit of perfection and control has become an illusion. In that event, surely it is better that we embrace the digital age and use it to inspire and teach new sections of the populace yet to embrace it.

What do you think and how do you feel?

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