Why work beyond 60?

On Tuesday, I was waiting at the local Metro station on the way to meet a client when I was approached by a random stranger, who engaged me in conversation. I am not averse to doing this, and so for the next 20 or so minutes, I got to know John. He was partially disabled, which was evident when he introduced himself and tried to shake my hand. I found out, later in our conversation, he had suffered an accidental head injury that had meant giving up work.

4F8K4ADXK8John was 65 years old and had a passion for the Vulcan bomber. He was carrying pamphlets and booklets about the plane to read while he went to the pub for a pint. This was his one monthly outing, as he was trying to regain his self-confidence after years of surgery and inactivity. John gently quizzed me about myself and was surprised I was approaching 64 in October. He was even more surprised that I was still working.

The state pension age in the UK is variable now though for me it will be 65. I anticipate, all things being equal, that I will work beyond that. However, many people choose to retire on or before 60. My encounter with John made me think. So why work beyond 60?

[Tweet “Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength. – Betty Friedan”]

I came up with these reasons:

  1. Your passion – to help, to make a difference or to add value – fuels your desire to keep working.
  2. Your openness to learning and ability to demonstrate you are developing.
  3. You are keen for innovation and new ways of doing things.
  4. You know that cognitive stimulation keeps you mentally agile.
  5. You are are still a force to be reckoned with and are able to take the initiative, lead and chair a variety of approaches.
  6. Your depth of knowledge, skills and experience help you to coach or mentor.
  7. You have vision, think strategically and are well-versed in organisational politics. This means that you can steer an appropriate course through choppy waters better than most.
  8. You are fit, healthy, alert and energetic. Your knowledge and experience added to these qualities mean you can pace yourself well, prioritise what matters, and remain flexible in your approach.

If you can add to the above digital awareness and capability, I believe you are a wonderful fit for the modern Social Age and for many organisations suffering from recruitment issues and talent drain. So why not work beyond 60?

Let your passion fuel you, your vision drive you, and your values guide you!

What do you think?

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