7 Steps To Empowering Incrementally

Empowering your workforce always happens  in increments!

Autumn Transformation

Why? Because layers of traditional management practice take effort to destroy! I know, based on years of experience, that it takes vision, challenge to outdated values, closer alignment with new values, and open and honest communication and power-sharing. To lead this change, you will need courage, resilience and patience. Your approach will take time, diligence and effort. You must show energy, enthusiasm and determination.

But the rewards for empowering your workforce are many. You can share information more openly. Broaden your team’s responsibility and encourage them to better plan, control and improve their own processes. Start systems for valuing both team and individual efforts. Coach and help more than instruct.

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 and 90 percent how you take it. - Irving Berlin"]

It looks an enormous task.  So I advocate that power-sharing efforts begin with a small group. Those efforts follow several basic steps:

  1. Educate people to overcome the ‘old’ values.
  2. Show a compelling vision.
  3. Prove empowerment by modelling the values and leading by example.
  4. Give honest answers when values are questioned.
  5. Check out the reality of your approach by encouraging honest feedback.
  6. Make necessary adjustments based on that feedback. 
  7. Once you’re sure it’s working, chose another small group and repeat the approach!

Good luck with your efforts! If I can be of any help, just ask!

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