You and I are leaders transforming the world!

I have long held the opinion that change happens one individual at a time! By extension of that view, leadership of change also happens one individual at a time!

We all have the capacity to lead, and change, and lead change, if only we can defeat the mystique that has grown up around the word Leadership! Trouble is … there are a lot of so-called experts and consultants out there in the world whose very livelihood relies on that mystique remaining intact! I am one of them, although I’d personally prefer to destroy the mystique … and help people to recognise that Leadership is something that starts with Leading Yourself!

I have also long held the view that the capacity for leadership is inherent within us all; that it can be nurtured and developed, if you are open to listening and learning, and that what is often needed is a spark to ignite it! That spark can be a simple, ordinary moment in life to you and yet be an extraordinary moment in life for another!

Please listen to this short talk, around 6 or so minutes, from Drew Dudley, which explains both these points beautifully, using a fabulous, yet simple story … and maybe draw your own conclusions!

Please let me know what you think?

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