How do you learn? Introducing the 7 Dimensions of Learning Power!

More than ever before, organisations are making increasing demands of fewer staff and so it makes better sense to either secure more from your own personal self-development or from any organisational investment in your professional learning and development.

And yet so often learning and development consists of a mixed menu, curriculum driven approach that may not necessarily be tailored to your particular needs nor, more importantly, to how you learn!

But how do you learn most effectively; have you ever truly considered this; and, what is a powerful way in which to do just that? Learning Power helps you do this. This simple self-assessment was developed by Ruth Deakin Crick during 10 years of research at the University of Bristol, England.

Watch her explain in the video below and see her explain the meanings of the 7 Dimensions: Changing and Learning, Critical Curiosity, Meaning Making, Creativity, Learning Relationships, Strategic Awareness and Resilience.

With Learning Power I can help you:

  • Achieve better outcomes from your own learning and enrich your personal and professional development
  • Ensure that learning programmes are more engaging, rewarding, stretching and effective
  • Increase the return on investment in professional, leadership and management development
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